Matthew Fridg

Matthew is an Emmy®-nominated filmmaker and founder of Church Video Coach. He has produced work for NFL, Discovery Channel, Fox, GNC, Velocity Network, Freethink Media, Martin Guitar and more. His passion is to tell compelling stories with a cinematic approach. Having served as an Associate Pastor and Worship Leader for nearly 10 years, he also desires to see churches use video to effectively communicate the Gospel in new and creative ways. His work as a blog writer, podcast guest and public speaker has been seen at [twelve:thirty] media,,,,,, and the National Worship Leaders Conference. He lives near Pittsburgh, PA and in his spare time loves writing scripts, doing projects around the house and hanging with his wife and four kids.

Camera, Lighting, and Audio Tech for the Holidays

Christmastime in ministry world can be stressful. Sometimes we can wonder why we put up with all the long hours and crazy demands. But, this time of year can also afford us a chance to break out of the mold and do something a little different. You may decide to stretch your creative wings with video. If so, why not try to create something with enchantment (are we allowed to do that in church)?

Pros and Cons of Live vs. Delayed Church Video Streaming

One of my favorite college memories was borrowing a video projector from the AV department, inviting all my friends over, making a bunch of food and watching the Super Bowl on the big screen. When I say big screen, I mean...BIG. This was way before 80” LED flat panels. The biggest TV at that time was a large, fuzzy rear projection monstrosity. There is nothing like everyone getting together to share in a live event like that. Imagine, though, if we all gathered on Monday to do the same thing. It would not be live. It would not be as electric. The excitement would be somewhat diminished. The DVR Generation We live in a world now where the lines between Live and video streaming, or Video On Demand (VOD) are starting to blur.

How to Improve Video Engagement with a Cross-Platform Strategy

I am a huge fan of survival shows on TV. Who doesn't love Running Wild with Bear Grylls, right? One strategy I have noticed when these folks are trying to catch fish in the wild is how they make a spear. We often think of a single pronged harpoon sharpened to a point, ready to stick an unsuspecting fish. However, making a spear with multiple points gives a greater degree of success. With this type of spear the fisherman can cover more area, have more points to stick, and minimize the chances of missing or deflecting off of the target. We can translate this strategy to how we publish video on the web and social media. Cross-platform video deals with utilizing multiple publishing outlets as part of your communication and video strategy.

3 Reasons Why Video Can Help Your Church Attract and Retain Guests

I am an introvert. There, I said it. So, going over to dinner at someone’s house, whom I have never met before, ranks right up there with a root canal or standardize testing. C’mon my fellow introverts, you know exactly what I mean. You have to smile constantly for 2+ hours, keep up some semblance of conversation, and maybe even play charades. Somebody push the eject button, please.

On the other hand, we have no problem spending hours over at a good friend’s house. We can be the best refrigerator friends money can buy. The million-dollar question is, “What is the difference?” The answer: familiarity.

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