Matt Schoenherr

Matt Schoenherr is a marketing consultant, published author, speaker, consumer advocate, coach, Christian, business activist, risk-taker, mistake-maker, adventure race runner, business developer and entrepreneur. He and his wife, Kelly, live in Michigan with their four amazing children. He helps churches and community organizations develop successful leadership programs and may be reached through Levaire.

To Grow or Shrink: An Open Letter to My Church

My church. For too long you have wandered the desert looking for Me. Good that you reflect upon My Word, but ill that you do not believe. You reduce My Word to simple platitudes; slogans for billboards and Internet memes. You prop yourselves up by them in your times of distress instead of remaining in grace through faith.

9 Keys to a Successful Youth Leadership Development Program

Youth leadership development is a topic that needs to be a top priority for any forward-thinking church (or school or community group.) After all,...

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