Justin Trapp

Justin Trapp is the founder of Ministry Pass and co-founder of Sermonary. With one foot in the church world and one foot in the business world, Justin developed a unique perspective that he knew could help busy pastors be effective communicators as well as effective leaders. Since 2014, Justin and his team have been actively working to help pastors develop compelling sermon series, in less time, with more impact, all for one purpose— to give them back the time they need to be ministers of God’s grace to His people.

5 Pointers for Preaching to a Camera

I am not a naturally gifted speaker. I have worked really hard to improve as a communicator. One of the areas I had struggled in for a long time was speaking directly to a camera. If you have spent many years speaking to a live audience, then speaking straight to a camera in an empty room is quite different. When the congregation laughs at a joke or is audibly engaged in the message, it builds my confidence as a communicator. It also gives me momentum as the sermon progresses. This all goes away when preaching directly at a camera.

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