Jay has 20+ years in various technology sectors of industry and currently uses his expertise at Icon Systems, Inc to help churches further their mission. Jay blogs at http://churchsoftware.iconcmo.com

6 Avoidable Donation Mistakes

No church sets out to make mistakes in how they handle donations. In fact, many churches input their donations in a donation software to ensure...

Increase Online Donations Through Donor Feedback

When donating, a person should never expect anything in return; however, many nonprofits are missing out on future donations by failing to give any...

4 Questions You Might Be Asking About Assimilation

According to Merriam Webster, the definition of Assimilation is, “to make similar." A common trend in church software is the ability to include an assimilation process and is one of the most talked-about topics among church leaders at church meetings.

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