Chet Berry

After serving 30 years in the pulpit, Chet Berry now provides leadership training and organizational assessment consultation to churches and other nonprofits. He and his wife of 31 years, Marchelle, have three children. Chet has degrees from Indiana University, Fuller Theological Seminary, and Saint Mary of The Woods College. He resides in Carmel, Indiana where he enjoys Jeeps, guitar, basketball, and farm life.

5 Things Pastors Must Do Today

Basketball analogies are common among people growing up in Indiana, myself included. We compare most everything to a full-court press, slam dunk, or a variety of basketball terms. The Coronavirus is no exception and is certainly a game-changer for the American Church. Suddenly we find ourselves without the comfortable lead we have always enjoyed. The preparations we make over the next few weeks will have a great impact on the outcome for our church and its congregation.

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