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7 Content Ideas for Your Church LED Video Wall

LED video walls are increasing in popularity in House of Worship settings due to their ability to engage congregations with dynamic and visually appealing content. Whether you already own an LED screen for your church or are considering purchasing one, here are 7 popular content applications.

Top 10 Tips for Increased Projector Lamp Life

Projectors are extremely important elements of the worship service for the majority of churches. Worship techs must regularly service and maintain equipment so that weekend services and events run smoothly. Some churches have just one project and screen; others use multiple screens during their services. Keeping projection equipment in top shape is vital. Projector lamps are a key feature to pay attention to.

10 ProPresenter Hacks to Take Worship to the Next Level

One of the hallmarks of great software is that it's easy to use at first, but when you need it to do more, you can find more capability than you just hadn't discovered before; it grows with your needs. ProPresenter 6 is like that. I initially thought it was so simple that anyone could learn it in a few minutes. Now, 93 videos into creating a tutorial series and courses on it, I know that it's easy to get the basics, but there's so much that people don't initially discover that it can do.

4 Ways To Build a Flourishing Volunteer Media Team (and One Way to Destroy it)

Building (or even keeping) a media ministry team in the church is a challenge. For 11 years, I wore many hats in my small church in Kentucky. I was the youth minister for seven years and lead pastor for four. I changed light bulbs, and cleaned bathrooms and floors, all while leading, counseling, and planning. Been there? I know I'm not alone. I was in a paid ministry role at the church. Many of you aren’t. You’re full-time teachers, factory workers, doctors, accountants, parents, and grandparents. You're a volunteer doing everything you can to balance work and home life while serving your local church.