5 Essential Features of Church Management Software

If your church is like most, keeping track of everyone’s information is more than one person can handle. Keeping a church running smoothly can require a massive amount of data, from addresses and birthdays to giving records and volunteer schedules. Make sure to look for these 5 features when selecting church management software.

Two Reasons Your Church Needs a Proven ChMS

Administration, data, and software aren’t the first topics people consider when they think of ministry. But back-office systems play a huge role in supporting front-line ministries by keeping track of volunteers, events, and key details. A good system will show ministry leaders which parents belong to each child in the nursery and where people are in the discipleship process.

10 Reasons to Upgrade to Logos 10

Faithlife upgraded Logos Bible Software to Logos 10 in October. The new version comes with some awesome under-the-hood updates that will help users. In addition, they’ve added a few useful features on each platform, including the desktop/laptop version, and the mobile version that runs on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. They also gave some love to their Logos Web App, which appeals to ChromeOS users.

Church Tech Tip #9: Don't Be A Donor Discriminator

Your church’s donations platform should never stand in the way of someone giving cheerfully. Here are 5 options that will elevate your donors’ giving experience.

4 Reasons Every Church Needs an Effective Digital Discipleship Strategy

One of the reasons the church exists is to disciple believers. In fact, discipleship is impossible without Christian community. And with the widespread use of technology, a door has opened for discipleship to become easier to conduct and accessible to more people.