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5 Basic Live Streaming Tips For Better Presentations And Viewing Experiences

Every production team has their own live streaming tips. Whether you are doing it for your church services on Sundays, as part of an event during the week, there are some things you should know about this technology before going live.

8 Notable Updates to Proclaim’s Church Presentation Software

Effective and user-friendly church presentation software is a necessity for pastors and church communicators committed to creating stellar church presentations. Since last January's 2.0 version release, Faithlife’s Proclaim 2.0 Church Presentation Software has made a number of notable updates as of January 2018. While this is not a full version software release, just a key update to Proclaim 2.0, now technically known as Proclaim 2.6, there is plenty to pay attention to.

Proclaim Presentation Software [Review]

I’ve spent a lot of time using presentation software and it takes a lot to turn my head. What could they really be doing that is different, interesting and worth noticing? Is this really worth my time? I was truly surprised by what I found with Proclaim online.