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3 Steps to Serving a Bilingual Audience

In a time of social distancing, many people feel isolated, and crave interaction. Many churches strive to maintain togetherness despite being apart. The need for unity within a community goes far beyond any public health concern. It is in our nature to crave relationships, to desire acceptance, and to yearn to be a part of something greater than ourselves. In areas with an ethnically diverse population, this can be a greater challenge to achieve. Beyond our duty for evangelism and service, the purpose of communal worship is just that, to worship as a community, the whole community. 

How to Choose the Best Church App for Your Community

Much thought goes into choosing a church app. Comparing features and pricing is important as churches go through the process of making a wise decision. It's also important to investigate details such as integration, security, and customization. After pulling together all the choices, churches should work with their teams to weigh each option carefully.

Developing and Maintaining Small Groups with Mobile and Social Tools

This year, I found myself back moving back to an area of the United States where I previously had strong ties of a large, local church. One of the reasons those ties were so strong was the intentionality that ministry had on making sure that all members (and guests) could connect to the community through small groups. While small groups are not new, what I have found is that making the connection point relatable to the individual goes a long way to ensure that they develop socially, mentally, and spiritually.