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Capture Summit to Equip Christian Filmmakers

In its fourth year, Capture Content Creation and Filmmaking Summit 2020 is a one-of-a-kind conference for Christian filmmakers and storytellers. Hosted by Church Production Live Events, Capture is an excellent resource for any Christian videographer, church tech, or media director.

3 Steps to Serving a Bilingual Audience

In a time of social distancing, many people feel isolated, and crave interaction. Many churches strive to maintain togetherness despite being apart. The need for unity within a community goes far beyond any public health concern. It is in our nature to crave relationships, to desire acceptance, and to yearn to be a part of something greater than ourselves. In areas with an ethnically diverse population, this can be a greater challenge to achieve. Beyond our duty for evangelism and service, the purpose of communal worship is just that, to worship as a community, the whole community. 

SwitcherStudio Multi-Camera Live Streaming Platform [Review]

How do you get better production with limited resources when people will be sitting in seats that you used to be able to shoot from? That's where a multi-camera production comes in. In the past, multi-camera live streaming production has been very expensive. SwitcherStudio for iOS changes all that.

Smartphone Battery Saving Tips [Infographic]

You know the scene. You succumb to your elementary-aged child begging to play Candy Crush on your phone. Ten minutes later, your phone is down to 50% and it's only 11:00 am. You're rushing to a lunch meeting and as you hand your child back to your spouse to take an urgent call from a church member in need on the way there, you discover that your phone is suddenly down to 25% by the time you get to Panera. It's only lunchtime and you have visits and errands before making it back to your desk where you can plug in. You could join a support group for pastors with old smartphones that don't hold a charge well, or you could employ some of these helpful smartphone battery-saving tips:

Wrapping Your Arms Around Wearable Tech

For the past few years, the device category called wearables has been growing in marketing and importance in the minds of some consumers, and definitely in...