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How to Choose the Best Church App for Your Community

Much thought goes into choosing a church app. Comparing features and pricing is important as churches go through the process of making a wise decision. It's also important to investigate details such as integration, security, and customization. After pulling together all the choices, churches should work with their teams to weigh each option carefully.

3 Church Apps for People-Focused Pastors

One of the latest crazes hitting the mobile space brings church apps to the phone, letting ministers care for and connect with their congregations. Some offer a social networking component to church life through a mobile app with Facebook-style timelines where ministers and the members can post thoughts, prayer needs, questions, and ideas.

Top 8 Smartphone Apps for Pastors

Over the weekend, I had the privilege of attending the Worship Conference 2011 at William Jessup University, which happens to be practically in my backyard. I...