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3 Qualities of a Great Church Domain Name

As internet technologies continue to develop and evolve, the chatter that has received the most the airtime has been social media and search engine optimization (SEO.) But, there’s one thing that sets the foundation for all brands—the domain name. Social media, search engines, advertising, and word of mouth can get exposure for your brand, but it starts with your domain. Whether you are a church, a ministry, a nonprofit, or a business, your domain name is the entry point for people to connect with your brand—it is your front door.

7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a WordPress Theme for Your Church Website

Perhaps you're planning to redesign your church's website this year. You've heard that WordPress is a good solution for churches and now you're ready to look for the right theme. How can you determine which themes are best for you to use? There's more to the equation than just design quality and cost. After all, you know what looks good right away and most WordPress themes are within a reasonable price range.