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6 Online Training and Teaching Platforms for Churches

You all know the education wing of the church, right? It’s the area of the church they forgot to decorate. Somehow we take the greatest story ever told and teach it in the beige-est room ever painted. I propose we bring our church classroom education, teaching, and training into the 21st century. On behalf of churchgoers everywhere, I am standing up for something new; this new online teaching and training platform for churches is called an online Learning Management System (LMS).

Improve Your Church Sound by Easter

Easter is just around the corner. This is one of the most important seasons for churches and a time when members, guests, and visitors especially look forward to enjoying the comforting and lively holiday music. It is extremely important that the church sound system is at its best at Easter.

Troubleshooting Your Church Sound System

Pastors, choirs, musicians and guest speakers rely on a quality sound system to clearly carry and broadcast their messages during services and events. Technical skill is required to set up, maintain, and run church sound systems, as well as troubleshoot any glitches that might occur. Live sound environments like Sunday morning worship can present a multitude of challenges and issues that require a quick response. So what happens when something goes wrong?

5 Overlooked Ways to Use Technology in Church Volunteer Management

When a first-time guest pulls into your church parking lot, who is the first person they see? Most likely, it is a volunteer. When a new family checks in their children for the first time, to whom are they entrusting their precious babies? Again, it is probably a volunteer.

Creating a Sustainable Volunteer Training Program for Your Church

Training is tough. With busy schedules and high volunteer turn over, training can feel like a never-ending battle. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, I’m going to walk you through a simple plan to help you create a sustainable volunteer training program for your church.

Church Leadership Development and its Role in Church Technology in the New Year

Leadership development is vital for leaders of every kind. Often, church leaders are often so busy, on the go, and at the forefront of so many activities that they may not realize or feel able to attend to their own personal development and enrichment needs.

Put the A in Your Church t-e-c-h: TEACH

There’s nothing quite like learning how to use a new piece of gear or practicing a new technique, and then having to train someone else on your team how to be proficient with it! The great thing about this is that it forces you to truly grasp the fundamental concepts of what you’re doing and why. In order to teach something effectively, you need to distill the complex variables of your task into manageable concepts that your student can comprehend and then put into practice.