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Worship Wars: Volume Levels in Church Sound

If there’s one complaint that pastors and sound techs hear the most, it’s this: “Worship is too loud!” Unfortunately, the issue is seldom a volume control problem. Before sound techs and worship pastors can arrive at a positive solution for solving volume levels at church, it is important to cover some basic insights for acceptable and unacceptable volume ranges.

How to Stop Buzz and Hum in Church Sound

All sound systems can suffer from unwanted noise from time to time. If a system has been properly installed, the source of any new noise can be fairly easy to locate and eliminate. However, there are times when noise from the sound system can be difficult to find and challenging to fix. Here are some tips that can help solve the problem of buzz and hum in church sound systems.

4 Virtual Soundcheck Tools

One of the most important steps in creating a good sounding mix before a service or performance is to do a thorough sound check. And one of the best ways to practice for live mixing is to use a virtual sound check system. Early virtual sound check tools were very technical and difficult to setup or use. Today it is very common to see virtual sound check tools built into a digital mixing console or easily integrated with software on a computer.