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Being Consistent in Your Church Communication: 3 Problems and 3 Solutions

It's no news flash that many churches struggle with keeping consistent in their church communication efforts. Often, emails are sent out to the church irregularly, even social networks go without being updated daily or weekly. Emergencies do happen and small churches do struggle more without a huge staff or entire department to make things happen. But more than anything, being consistent in your church communication can be one of the best uses of church resources.

6 Steps to Posting on Instagram

Is your church finally ready to dive in and start using Instagram? While you're nowhere near the last church on earth to take the plunge and join the Insta-church party, you will be joining this online community at a time when the platform is at its peak. Churches and users have learned some pretty savvy tricks to keep their accounts visible, viral, and performing their best. So where do you start?