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Avoiding the Sin of Too Much Church Technology

In a world where everything competes for our attention, everyone wants more tech gear, more lights, more haze, and a production that will draw in the masses. But when is too much tech too much? How do you walk the line of giving your very best in ministry without becoming gluttonous?

In’s and Out’s of Camera Lenses for Church Production

When it comes to video production equipment, it seems the technology has a short shelf life and is constantly being updated. It can be daunting to decide what camera to purchase knowing that whatever you sink a large chunk of change into today could very well be an oversized paper weight tomorrow. I guess that could be a bit extreme, however, there is one piece of equipment that if you get right, can hold its value better than gold.

Creating a “Volunteer-Friendly” Church Production System

In 2007 as a media team volunteer is when I realized the importance and fully understood the difference between having a “volunteer-friendly” and “volunteer-complicated”...