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6 Ways to Preserve Your Church Building Against Security Threats

Churches are meant to be sanctuaries with open doors and safe spiritual spaces where people can enter and worship in peace and harmony. Church building security is a topic that has become critical in the last ten years and people want to know how they can make their churches safer.

7 Tips for Successful Fall Events

As we soak in the sunshine and enjoy summer, we can’t lose sight of what is just around the corner--fall and the various events that come along with that season. From kids heading back to school to gearing up for the holidays, fall is the on-ramp to the busiest time of year for churches. To ensure successful events that don’t wear out your staff and volunteers, here are seven tips to make planning events a bit easier:

Best Admin Tools for Churches on a Budget

Welcome to another New Year, the time that comes every 12 months where we reassess our goals and aspirations. As you do, I hope that you will take a few minutes to evaluate one of the most important and yet overlooked jobs within a church: Administration.

2 Ways Tech Can Keep Church Christmas Planning Sane

It’s way too early to see Christmas in public, but it’s never too early for your church to start planning Christmas. That might cause some of you to break out in hives. If even thinking about starting to plan Christmas festivities for your church feels daunting, you’re not alone. But technology can help. There are a lot of ways you can make your Christmas efforts more productive—and maintain your sanity—with the judicious use of technology.

4 Risks Every Church Should Prepare For

There’s a word that crops up and plagues churches in the media far too often, a word nobody ever wants to hear associated with theirs: scandal. Whether it’s a staff member embezzling funds, a pastor acting inappropriately toward a child, a bad accident, or even just a leadership transition gone awry, these stories come out — and the churches they come out of almost never saw them coming.