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Church Operations as Ministry

When we think of ministry, we tend to visualize a pastor preaching a sermon or elders praying with someone at the altar. What doesn’t often come to mind are tasks like proper HVAC maintenance, developing procedures for children’s check-in, or paying the utility bills. However, these efforts help make Sunday services possible. It’s time to think of church operations as a ministry.

Touchpoint ChMS [Review]

TouchPoint launched in 2008 at Bellevue Baptist Church. Unhappy with the system they were using, they decided to build their own using developers on staff. Over time, other church leaders heard about their software and became interested in it. In 2015, they rebranded as TouchPoint and looked for a buyer to take on this business that the church never intended to start in the first place. The church wanted a company to purchase the software that would serve churches well. In 2017, The Pursuant Group bought TouchPoint Software. Since then, TouchPoint’s user base has tripled in size.

Elexio Church Management Software [Review]

Elexio Community Church Management Software is one branch of the Elexio suite of products. They also provide accounting software (via Shelby Systems), websites, online giving, a church app, and live streaming services.

4 Time-Saving Tips to Organize Giving Data

There’s no shortage of data in the world today—more data was created in the last two years than in the previous 5,000. In fact, 90% of the data we currently use was created in the last two years! For churches, the enormous amount of giving data is enough to make your head spin, but it’s still necessary to collect, organize, and apply it. Healthy churches know that with the right giving information at their fingertips, they’re better equipped to cultivate generosity and grow their vision.

3 Benefits of Google Suite for Churches

Regardless of church size or the number of people on-staff, churches have similar email and application needs as for-profit businesses. Churches use Word or Pages documents, spreadsheets, email, presentation software, and a variety of other tools to make running a church a bit easier. G-Suite, or Google Suite, offers several options for online collaboration that many churches leverage for greater impact at little to no cost. In this article, we'll look at three benefits of Google Suite for churches and nonprofits and how these solutions can save your churches time and money while increasing efficiency.

4 Key Church App Expectations

Leaders of faith-based organizations are noticing the growing demand for church apps—and it’s no wonder! The number of apps used per day is two times higher than it was in 2015, and people now spend 85% of their digital time on smartphones using apps. With the mobile-first population on the rise, these trends are likely to continue.

5 Steps to Handle “The Blue-Screen of Death”

"The Blue Screen of Death" or BSOD with Microsoft Windows computers are also known as STOP errors. These well-known problems and notorious computer failures made the phrase "just reboot" famous because of its easy fixability.