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Top 10 Tips for Increased Projector Lamp Life

Projectors are extremely important elements of the worship service for the majority of churches. Worship techs must regularly service and maintain equipment so that weekend services and events run smoothly. Some churches have just one project and screen; others use multiple screens during their services. Keeping projection equipment in top shape is vital. Projector lamps are a key feature to pay attention to.

3 Truths About Why Video Sermons are Better Than Live Teachers

With the rise of multi-campus churches, the question of live or video sermons has been a question at the forefront of this movement. Some churches have multiple pastors preaching at different campuses. Some churches have one pastor that travels to each campus to preach. But others have one pastor that preaches at one location and a recording is fed via video to the other campuses. The debate still rumbles regarding what is best. But whether we like it or not, video venues are here and they are here to stay.

Messenger International Shows Churches the Benefits of Video Streaming Services

The Internet has had quite an impact on the Church. According to a Faith Communities Today survey, the number of congregations across America using email more than doubled between 2000 and 2010. Ninety percent of congregations had embraced this technology, while just 35 percent had done the same a decade earlier. On top of this, the number of congregations employing websites in their daily operations had jumped from 33 percent to 69 percent in the same space of time. As with many other groups and organizations, the Internet allows members of the Church to share their message and maintain contact at any time, any place.