Top 75 Easy Content Ideas for Pastors Beginning To Use TikTok

TikTok offers a unique opportunity for pastors and churches to increase their visibility, attract new visitors, and engage with people in a meaningful way. We have 75 content ideas for when you start using TikTok in your ministry.

3 Convenient Tools for Scheduling TikTok Posts

In 2-5 years, TikTok will be a core platform everyone will want to dominate—like Facebook or Instagram is today. By taking the time to schedule your TikTok posts in advance, you can also free up your time to focus on other tasks while still maintaining a strong presence on the platform.

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Sermon Recap Video Clips

A couple of years ago, a pastor friend and I were imagining the future church. Could we reach more unchurched individuals by sharing short sermon recap videos online throughout the day, rather than assuming curious listeners will sit for an entire message?