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5 Innovative Ways Your Church Can Use Text Messaging To Connect and Disciple

Over the last year, churches have found new ways to communicate with their members. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, texting became an essential aspect of church communications plans. Once considered impersonal, churches text messaging their attendees is now widely used and is an effective and easy way to foster relationships.

3 Challenges Churches Face When Digitizing Their Guest Follow-Up Process

Every weekend is someone's first time in church. Churches like yours realize the ministry opportunity in first impressions even before your first-time guests hear God’s word. First impressions give people a feel for how genuine your church is. An off-putting experience with your ushers, guest services, or parking lot welcome team can leave a bad taste and most likely cause guests not to return.

5 Keys to Handling Text Messaging in Ministry

Do you remember when texting first became “a thing?” It was confusing to me. I didn’t understand why someone would type on their flip phone when they could just call me. My, have times changed. Now, you can text so quickly and efficiently that George Jetson couldn’t have imagined it. As I type this, I look down at my watch and think of how many texts I’ve sent from this little device, via audio. Let’s leverage text message communication for Jesus. Here are five keys to handle it with excellence:

Palermo Church Texts Members for Church Communication Success

Palermo Bible Family Church in California recently began using text messaging to communicate with its church members. We sat down with Daniel Jacobsen of PBFC to understand how his church decided upon using text communication and what the process has been like: