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The 12 Top Barcode Printers for KidMin Supported by Church Management Systems

When it comes to children’s ministry, it’s crucial to take measures to ensure the safety of each child. One simple step your church can take is to have a label for each child with a unique code on it, which should match with the label you give to the parent or guardian that they must present in order to check out their child. Fortunately, most ChMS vendors include this check-in and barcode printing functionality. If you’re preparing to establish this process, here are our top 12 top barcode printers for kids' ministry supported by church management systems.

11 Critical Pastor Screening Checks

I hear so often from churches of all sizes asking what services they should consider when hiring someone as a pastor. Too frequently I hear churches say that the “very basic criminal search” is enough – “we feel good about this guy!” Someone in a leadership role of this magnitude should be fully-vetted before an offer is made.