9 Important Tech Tools For Churches That Build Community and Improve Efficiency

Having the right tech tools for ministry will elevate your efficiency and deepen relationships. Once considered impersonal, tech has proven itself to be a critical resource in church leadership, ministry, and development. In this article, I uncover my 9 essential tech tools.

9 Gmail Tips That Will Help You Crush Efficiency

Email is a valuable tool, and yet it can often be a frustration for professionals all over the world. If your inbox looks more like “Inbox 5,000” than “Inbox Zero,” there is hope (and no, it doesn’t require declaring email bankruptcy). Gmail tips will equip you to effectively and efficiently manage your email.

3 Benefits of Google Suite for Churches

Regardless of church size or the number of people on-staff, churches have similar email and application needs as for-profit businesses. Churches use Word or Pages documents, spreadsheets, email, presentation software, and a variety of other tools to make running a church a bit easier. G-Suite, or Google Suite, offers several options for online collaboration that many churches leverage for greater impact at little to no cost. In this article, we'll look at three benefits of Google Suite for churches and nonprofits and how these solutions can save your churches time and money while increasing efficiency.