State of the Plate Survey Reveals Turnaround in Church Giving

A new survey of churches across America reveals a turnaround for church financial health — halting a downward trend in offerings caused by COVID-19. The findings are welcome news for churches as the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) launches the second annual Bless Your Pastor (BlessYourPastor.org) campaign to equip churches for October Pastor Appreciation Month.

Christmas Church Technology Promotional Offers

Merry Christmas from ChurchTechToday and all our valued sponsors and contributors. This year has brought readership growth, contributor variety, and many new sponsors joining the ChurchTechToday family. Because we all like free things and special deals, I’ve gathered together a smorgasbord of good church technology stocking stuffers for you this December.

Digital Giving and Millennials

One of the most frequently cited and widely used reasons for the rapid growth of digital giving over the past decade is the proportionate decline in check writing during that time. And the trend continues. In fact, according to one report, we are on pace to write our final check sometime in the year 2021--a mere six years away. Nowhere is this “check-less” trend more prevalent than with millennials, 20% of whom have never written a check in their life.

Clover Donations Helps Churches Find Online Giving Success

Veteran church website company, Clover, launched their new product, Clover Donations, back in June. With this long-awaited online giving offering, the company experienced an...