2 Paths to Book Publishing for Pastors

Chances are if you are a pastor or if you work with one, the following question has come up, "when are you (or when is your pastor) planning to publish a book?" It's fairly common for a pastor to want to write a book, especially after the number of years they spend in study. After writing dissertations and papers galore, along with years of writing sermons, pulling together a book shouldn't seem too daunting. Yet, it still is.

4 Deciding Factors of Print vs. Digital Bibles

Does the form of Scripture affect the way that we read Scripture? While pixels (the digital Bible) are useful, print has surprising value. Years ago Marshall McLuhan famously said, “The medium is the message.” He proposed that the message in our words is shaped powerfully by the means we use to share those words. Bumper stickers might have truth, but who takes them seriously? The medium is never neutral. Here are four reasons I encourage print.