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New Survey Reveals Pastors’ Outlook on Re-Opening Church

A new survey of 750 churches of differing sizes from around the world compiled by the church technology company Faithlife, makers of Logos Bible Software, shows that while the majority of pastors feel comfortable reopening their buildings, they expect changes in attendance, programming, and operations.

6 Form Builder Software Tools for Churches

Have you ever collected vacation Bible school signups on paper and then tried to decipher the handwriting? Would you like to survey volunteers but need a quick and easy way to facilitate that process? Do you find yourself taking that same information and entering it into your church management system? If so, it’s time to check out online form builder tools. There are a handful of helpful form builders available (some for free) that can take the hassle out of gathering registrations, signups, and other information.

New Online Discipleship Tool, Disciple Labs, Launches

Disciple Labs is a new cloud-based software tool to help pastors and church leaders measure, track, and influence the spiritual health of their ministries. The core of Disciple Labs is its proprietary spiritual health survey that is designed to help pastors and church leaders evaluate all areas of healthy discipleship in their church that go beyond attendance, baptisms, and giving.

ChurchTechToday Reader Survey 2016

The mission of ChurchTechToday is to provide technology resources for today's church. Over the past few months we've been wondering as a staff how we could do that better. We've wrestled with questions about... What should we cover more? What should we cover less? What technologies are we missing? Our goal is to provide resources that meet the needs of the local church, without adding noise to an already busy life. To do that better, we need your help.