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Worship Wars: Volume Levels in Church Sound

If there’s one complaint that pastors and sound techs hear the most, it’s this: “Worship is too loud!” Unfortunately, the issue is seldom a volume control problem. Before sound techs and worship pastors can arrive at a positive solution for solving volume levels at church, it is important to cover some basic insights for acceptable and unacceptable volume ranges.

How to Stop Buzz and Hum in Church Sound

All sound systems can suffer from unwanted noise from time to time. If a system has been properly installed, the source of any new noise can be fairly easy to locate and eliminate. However, there are times when noise from the sound system can be difficult to find and challenging to fix. Here are some tips that can help solve the problem of buzz and hum in church sound systems.

Troubleshooting Your Church Sound System

Pastors, choirs, musicians and guest speakers rely on a quality sound system to clearly carry and broadcast their messages during services and events. Technical skill is required to set up, maintain, and run church sound systems, as well as troubleshoot any glitches that might occur. Live sound environments like Sunday morning worship can present a multitude of challenges and issues that require a quick response. So what happens when something goes wrong?

Improve Your Church Sound System by Christmas

The end of the year is drawing near and so is Christmas. This is one of the most important seasons for churches and a time when members, guests, and visitors especially look forward to enjoying the comforting and lively holiday music. It is extremely important that the church sound system is at its best at Christmas.

How To Stop Worship Distractions

Worship distractions come in a variety of packages. Some distractions just can’t be avoided, like the baby in the back row making a less-than-joyful noise. But there are a number of distractions that can and should be completely avoided. In terms of technical system distractions, there can be many causes.