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3 Challenges Churches Face When Digitizing Their Guest Follow-Up Process

Every weekend is someone's first time in church. Churches like yours realize the ministry opportunity in first impressions even before your first-time guests hear God’s word. First impressions give people a feel for how genuine your church is. An off-putting experience with your ushers, guest services, or parking lot welcome team can leave a bad taste and most likely cause guests not to return.

5 Follow-Ups for First Time Guests

Creating an inviting and warm experience for first-time guests before, during, and after worship services and events is important. A primary goal for church staff and volunteers should be to help guests feel loved and welcomed throughout the week as well. So how does your church make certain that guests stay connected after their visit?

6 Steps to Creating An Effective Guest Follow-up System

In today’s world we are inundated by sales pitches that over promise and over simplify. In response to this, we as ministry leaders, become skeptical of anything that even remotely smells of a sales pitch. Because of our skepticism, we have fallen into the temptation of making things harder than they need to be. Guest follow-up has been a casualty of this battle for far too long in churches and ministries across the country.