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Christmas Event Planning Amid COVID-19

Planning Christmas events and services takes coordination, communication, vision, and attention to detail. In 2020, we’ll add Plan B and Plan C contingencies for COVID-19 and any other surprises this year holds.

Fall Event Planning Amidst COVID-19

Around late summer, most churches start looking towards Fall and what events to host that time of year. Obviously, 2020 is anything but a typical year. Even planning weekly services is influx based on the spread of COVID-19 in your region. How do you prepare for an event 2-3 months out when you don't even know what next week will bring?

6 Strategic Steps to Make Your Church ‘Event Day’ Run Smoothly

Events can be excellent tools for ministry. They involve serving the local community, attracting people to church who don’t typically attend, strengthening marriages, and much more. However, the efforts leading up to event day plus all the work the day of can take a toll on staff and volunteers. To avoid last-minute chaos and to ensure everyone has a great experience, it’s wise to take some strategic steps ahead of time to make the big day run smoothly.

3 Tech Tips to Take the Stress Out of Church Event Planning

Planning a church event involves a considerable amount of time, effort, and communication. From deciding on the theme and day of the event to recruiting volunteers, there are plenty of details to manage. Thankfully, a disciplined process combined with a few key technical tools can make planning less stressful.