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New Book Sheds Light on False Teachings of Christian Science

In the early days of ChurchTechToday, I occasionally wrote more personal articles that reflected technology use at my own church. In 2011 for my 10-year salvation anniversary, I even shared my testimony of leaving Christian Science and finding Jesus. More recently, God placed it on my heart to strike out as an author. I found that there were still many still entrenched in Christian Science theology within my own family, and I spent time praying and asking God to direct me in my writing and pursuit of work that would glorify him.

Saved – My Testimony

It was a beautiful spring day, April 28, 2001, my dear grandmother’s birthday. I had been on a roller coaster ride of discovery that week, that month, that year. All the unanswered questions and prayers I had been asking for years seemed to pile up all at once, leading me on a fast path to resolution, one way or another. I was determined, as I often get, to reach the bottom of the mystery—to learn the truth about who Jesus Christ was and is, not just who he was made out to be through the religion of my upbringing.