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3 Impactful Tips to Create a Winning Church Website Design


Follow simple but impactful tricks to a winning church website design.

Visuals and design can make or break your website effectiveness. Whether you’re designing your website from scratch, using a website builder, or hiring a designer, you’ll want to know the basics of creating an engaging website. With the right understanding, you’ll also be equipped to give thoughtful feedback on a site that’s been made for you.

Although web design is an art of its own, there are some basic tips that anyone should be applying to their design. Sometimes, you can tell that something isn’t quite working, but you can’t put your finger on the problem. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 3 tricks to elevate church website design. 

3 Impactful Tips to Create a Winning Church Website Design

Follow three impactful tips to a winning church website design to  make your information easy to read and digest.

1. Use simple fonts

Your website must be readable. There is little worse than a font that scrambles the eyes and leaves you wanting to press the exit button. It can seem fun to try different typefaces and fonts, but that’s not the place to express your creativity. 

There are a number of points to consider when choosing your church website fonts:


1. Stick to one or two fonts. Too many fonts will scatter the mind.

2. Choose fonts that are highly readable. Simple and clean are two criteria that you should be looking for in a font.

3. Minimize styling. This means that you should be sparing in your use of bold, italic, and underlined text. 

4. Be consistent in casing. If headlines are capitalized on one page, they should be that way on another page, too. Don’t worry too much about the standards you select, just make sure that you’re consistent with them throughout your website.

5. Stick to two or three font sizes. The best standard for this rule is that your biggest font is reserved for deadlines, the next biggest for subheadings, and the smallest for normal text. 

6. Be strategic with what you call out to drive the viewer’s eye around your page. Remember to reserve big fonts for what matters most because, essentially, if everything is big and bold, then nothing is.

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When designing your church website, stick to one or two fonts. Too many fonts will scatter the mind. Click To Tweet

2. Use generous spacing

Have you ever walked into a cluttered room and felt claustrophobic and stressed? Well, cluttered websites have the same effect on visitors. 

Visitors to your website are looking for valuable information that is easy to find and digest. That’s why you should use space to enhance your information. In fact, used well, white space can actually direct the reader’s eyes to your valuable copy. 

Pro Tip: Try a Z-Pattern design. As explained in this Instapage article, it “traces the route the human eye travels when they read — left to right, top to bottom.” Being aware of this, web designers can anticipate the reader’s eye movement and design accordingly. 

Remember the Z-Pattern design you learned for desktop publishing? It still applies. Design web pages with this hierarchy in mind. Click To Tweet


  • Don’t clump all your text in one area. Space out your sections of information because this will make them easier to digest.
  • Use plenty of ‘empty’ space. At first, you may feel like you’re wasting space but in reality, you’re helping people find your information.  

3. Optimize for mobile

We design websites on big screens but in reality, most of us view sites on our phone screens, and there’s a remarkable size difference between the two. 

Your website information is squished into a small place when people access it from their mobile phones. So, again, being mindful of spacing is a very important factor if you want to create a winning church website design.

Here are several brief tips that will help you design your church website for mobile:

  • Make buttons and links big enough to tap
  • Avoid massive images and text
  • Keep pages short
  • Keep copy minimal

Always keep in mind how the viewer will see your content and if it will be easy to read and digest.

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You don’t have to be a professional creative to produce a winning church website design. Yes, it can feel daunting to approach all the ins and outs of creating a website, but there are valuable resources that can guide you with simple tips. Make it an easier process by reading up on what the professionals say about attractive website design. It will help you for years to come.

Learn the importance of contrasting colors and quality photos in winning church website design when you head to 5 Essential Rules for Church Website Design and download the free resource.

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