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Webinar Event: 3 Strategies for Reaching New People


The Unstuck Group is hosting a live web event titled “3 Strategies for Reaching New People.” The webinar will be held on February 17 from 1-2pm EST. Registration is currently open and available.

With the current stages of the COVID environment, lead pastors and executive pastors are sensing the need to deploy new systems and new strategies to be effective in our outreach.  Rather than focusing on who left, many lead pastors want to get refocused on the true mission of the Church: reaching the lost people in our communities.

This event will address questions such as:

  • What digital strategies are actually working for churches? 
  • Does EVERY church need to adopt a hybrid approach
  • Can weekend services actually reach new people (and should you plan your sermons accordingly)? 

Tony Morgan, founder of the Unstuck Group, plans to convene key church leaders to answer questions many XP’s have on relational evangelism, digital ministry, and weekend services.  The speaker panelist include:

The event will share what church leaders who are gaining momentum and seeing real results on this side of the pandemic are doing to reach new people.

Registration for “3 Strategies for Reaching New People” is now available.



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