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Web-based Tech Helps Resurrection Life


One of the most important aspects of Resurrection Life’s mission is to make sure that everyone of their followers has a chance to learn about God’s uncompromising love and to participate fully in all the church has to offer.

Keeping track of more than 12,000 followers who call Resurrection Life their church home, as well as more than 7,000 weekly attendees is a hard task no matter the size of your church staff. That is why for the more than 50 church staff members at Resurrection Life, Church Community Builder (CCB) has been such a Godsend.

“Over the past two and a half years, CCB has helped immeasurably in more ways than I can explain,” says Vicky Sluiter, administrative assistant to the Connection Pastor Tom Smith. “It is so easy to use and has consolidated so many aspects of our ministry that were fragmented before we started using this web-based church management software application.”

One of the difficulties that Sluiter found in using desktop-based software was the time and effort it took to continually download software updates. Because the management software is web-based no time is ever wasted downloading updates.

Additionally, what Sluiter prefers about CCB is the system is consolidated so only one program needs to be run.

“There is no more opening multiple programs to complete a task,” she says. “We no longer have to open Excel to track giving habits and another program to track attendance and another program to track involvement—it is all in one program which saves staff time and makes training new staff members more streamlined.”

Sluiter also notes that because Resurrection Life is such an interactive church with its members, the web-based software has made it much easier to track members and see just where and how they are involved within the church.

“From the time a new follower attends our church, we want to know where they are in their journey and how we can help facilitate getting them involved in the many different ministries that Resurrection Life offers,” she notes. “CCB tracks new members from the first time they fill out a ‘Welcome Card,’ whether they are looking for a church home, who may have called on them and what follow up may be needed. It makes our job of ministering to our followers that much easier.”



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