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Tips for Creating Intimate Church Gatherings


Cater for all kinds of ministries when you make provisions for intimate church gatherings in your church space.

Churches need to identify the value in intentionally providing intimate spaces for groups of varying sizes. More and more, churches are starting to find ways to make their bigger gathering spaces appropriate for smaller group gatherings. From small-group gatherings to less-populated services, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that churches need to find ways to create smaller, attractive, and welcoming spaces.

If you think about it for a moment, you’ll probably realize that other than your Sunday morning services, most of the gatherings your church holds on a weekly or monthly basis are for smaller groups. From Bible studies to affinity groups, to meetings, these are all considered ‘small gatherings.’

The key requirement for accommodating a variety of gathering sizes is flexibility. You may first think of folding tables and folding chairs that are easy to set up and pack away. But this would limit the scope of what you really need. Think more along the lines of reconfiguring the confines of a space. Here’s how…

Cater for all kinds of ministries when you make provisions for intimate church gatherings in your church space.

5 Tips for Creating Intimate Church Gatherings

1. Work it out and plan for it

Don’t just think about your immediate situation. Consider your church’s ministry vision and where your church wants to be 5 years from now. This will help you figure out the kinds of spaces and equipment you will need long-term.

It is wise to select versatile pieces of equipment and furniture that will cater to a variety of gatherings. For example, investing in round tables over rectangular can change the environment in surprising ways. Likewise when it comes to brightly colored items versus neutral ones.

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2. Add personal touches that encourage a sense of intimacy

Whether it’s lit candles or a hot beverage station, small touches can communicate intimacy even in the largest of spaces. 

Remember the days of season decor in churches? We’ve done away with a lot of those ‘extras’ in our post-COVID culture, but there’s undoubtedly something intimate about that attention to detail. Consider ways to incorporate those kinds of touches in your space. 

Hot drink stations have the powerful ability to turn any gathering into a more intimate event. Instead of heading to the parking lot, people can stay and be in community with others. Click To Tweet

3. Strategic lighting determines success

Lighting just a small part of a darkened area signifies where a gathering is taking place but it also creates a sense of intimacy. 

If you aren’t sure about the value of good lighting, then you need to take a moment to research further. Lighting techniques and strategies can make or break the ambiance of a gathering. Just like replacing fluorescents with a lit candle can transform the feel of a romantic date, so can strategic lighting at church. 

4. Aim higher and dream big, even when thinking about intimate church gatherings

Often, you need someone with a trained eye who can see far more than you can. What you currently have and are accustomed to can make it difficult to dream big or aim high. To help you visualize all the options for increasing the flexibility of your space while preserving a friendly ambiance, think about speaking with an expert.

A professional will likely have several suggestions for creating a smaller venue, whereas you may only have one or two ideas.

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By positioning yourself to create comfortable spaces, you expand your church’s reach. When your church space is flexible and can cater to both big and small intimate church gatherings, it means that you will attract different cultures, different interests, and people with various needs. 

You will increase the reach of your church by setting yourself up to provide cozy environments. This is because people from various cultures, with different interests, and with varying needs will feel more welcome if your church location is adaptable and can cater for both large and small intimate church gatherings.

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