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TechSoup Software Donation Program Saves Churches Thousands


TechSoup Global, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was founded in 1987 on the belief that technology is a powerful enabler for social change. Its mission is to empower every nonprofit and non-governmental organization (NGO) with technology and resources to achieve their full potential.

Last September, Microsoft changed its donation policy to benefit churches.

“TechSoup’s Product Donation Program supplies donated and discounted software and hardware to churches, ministries, and nonprofits all over the world. We provide essential IT products from big tech companies like Microsoft, Symantec, Adobe, Intuit, Dell and many more,” states Jim Lynch.

TechSoup offers a variety of resources for faith-based organizations. Best known for discounted and donated software and technology, each of its product programs has specific eligibility guidelines set by the donor, and faith-based organizations are eligible for many of these programs.

Visit the Registering with TechSoup section to input your organization and see what it might qualify for.

You can review the full list of TechSoup technology donations for faith-based organizations (including Microsoft donations) on their Faith-Based Organizations page. You can also take their Program Eligibility Quiz to see which software and hardware donations your organization may be eligible for. The Eligibility Requirements and Donor Partner Restrictions page provides further details on each program’s requirements and restrictions.

Overall, our goal is to help as many churches decrease the amount of money they spend on software and educate them how to use it.  The average church saves $17,000 when they get their software through TechSoup,” adds Grube.

Here is a link to TechSoup’s year in review http://yearinreview.techsoupglobal.org/impact. Here’s another link to more details about TechSoup’s faith-based offerings.

Has your church signed up for TechSoup to receive discounted technology yet?



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