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3 Superpower Lessons Every Online Pastor Needs To Hear Today


Follow these superpower lessons for every online pastor and grow deeper relationships with your people.

Pastors have learned many lessons in the past few years, most of which are around the topic of ministering online. What initially seemed to be a simple concept of merely hopping online and posting sermon audios quickly (as the pandemic hit) turned into a rather considerable learning curve. 

They quickly realized that posting sermon audios to their websites once a week wouldn’t suffice in effectively ministering to their flocks. It became very obvious that there were a number of key lessons for pastors to learn if they were going to ‘do online’ successfully.

Years have passed and there are some great resources published to help all churches get online and minister to their people with excellence and ease. But there are lessons that all online pastors need to hear so that they can continue to serve their people well.

3 Superpower Lessons Every Online Pastor Needs To Hear Today

1. Regular contact trumps your Sunday service

This is not to discredit the value of a well-polished online service. But a significant lesson that has been learned through pastors navigating online ministry is that a phone call is more powerful than a Sunday service. 

Many of us were raised with the idea that church interactions were limited to being only weekly. And the other six days of the week were for everything else that life throws at us. 

A phone call is more powerful than a Sunday service. Connect with your people throughout the week and grow deep relationships with your people. Click To Tweet

However, daily interactions and connections yield a far more significant impact on our people. If you want to go deep with your people and foster genuine relationships, go daily with your communication efforts. This doesn’t necessarily mean the pastor has to be the initiator. Small group leaders, ministry team leaders, and other shepherds in the community can foster meaningful relationships daily. 

If you look at family, school, or college friendships, you generally see much stronger bonds than found on a Sunday morning. Why is this? Well, they involve daily interactions. Little by little, daily connections build strong and meaningful relationships.  And this is what every pastor wants to see in their church. 

This can feel like a mammoth challenge, but our second superpower lesson will help you achieve this without too much toil.

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2. Tech will ensure your triumph

The beauty of the online sphere blossoming in the recent past is that pastors and their teams have online resources at their fingertips that are specifically designed to facilitate ministries. 

The superpower key is to utilize them. It’s as simple as that. Mastering how to record and broadcast a seamless Sunday service is not where your church should stop its online ministry. 

To fulfill the first superpower lesson, it’s essential that pastors get to grips with tech that enables:

  • Text messaging
  • Messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, Discord, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, and Slack.
  • Email

In a personal capacity, these resources can be time-consuming but communicating directly with your people can be made easy by automation and broadcast features. And of course, with a good church management system, communicating with your people is made miles easier than using one system at a time.

Another aspect of this superpower lesson is the mastery of showing up where your people are spending a lot of their time. This means that pastors should be looking at social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This aspect of using tech for churches to communicate with their people is highly effective and proliferates a feeling of unity.

Follow these superpower lessons for every online pastor and grow deeper relationships with your people.

3. Variety reaches all

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ phrase only applies to a handful of real-life instances. And online ministry is not one of them.

While it may be wise to start by using only a few tech resources as you learn the ropes of the online world, it is essential that you don’t stop there. You must add variety to the ways you use technology to communicate with your people. 

One of the obvious reasons for this is that our global culture has become accustomed to diverse modes of communication. But another very important reason to keep in mind is that by using the various tech options mentioned above, you considerably increase your chances of reaching all your people. 

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ phrase only applies to a handful of real-life instances. Online ministry is not one of them. Use various tech tools to communicate with your people throughout the week. Click To Tweet

Some people check their emails every hour while others only check them weekly. Some people ignore SMSes because they assume it’s just another sales message, whilst others take note of each SMS that comes in. Some of your people will have so many DMs on Instagram that they lose sight of yours, while others primarily communicate through their Instagram inbox. Do you get it?

By incorporating a variety of tech communication tools, you’ll significantly increase the probability of connecting with your people. And of course, by becoming comfortable with a variety of tech, you’ll find that all of your online ministries are positively affected because you will think of ways to incorporate your newfound skills throughout your work. 

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Learning new skills that feel very far away from your pastoral training can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. And at first, they may take up more of your time than you’re comfortable with. But try to keep in focus that tech, once mastered, generally saves you time and, most importantly, helps you serve your people more effectively. 

If you take a look at these three superpower lessons, you’ll see that at the core of each is the necessity to initiate connections with your people. Whether it be a phone call or an email, your people need to hear from you far more regularly than once a week.

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