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Smartphones and Society [Infographic]


Looking at the infographic below, you might come away with the feeling that many smartphones haven’t helped us much and might be driving society into the brink. Do smartphones help us? Have they helped your church and your members? That is the question. Like anything there are pros and cons, here are some stats to back that up:

The Facts

  • 20% of US smartphone users are smartphonatics
  • 80% use their phones for mobile banking
  • 70% use them for mobile payments
  • Only 6% of smartphone users worry about security issues related to phone’s access to financial information

Technology Can Be an Addiction

  • Stimulation from cell phones, television and video games can trigger stimuli much like drugs and alcohol
  • 43% of all mobile phone owners use smartphones
  • 80% of smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up
  • 71.1% of cell phone users send text messages
  • Smartphone users between ages 18 and 44 spend more than two hours a day using their phones to communicate and social network on their phones
  • 42.9% of cell phone users access the internet with their phone
  • 90% of mobile searches end in an action of some kind
  • Buying a product, going to a place
  • 1/4 of smartphone users can’t think of a time of day when their mobile device is not in the room with them
  • 72% of users say they use their smartphones while consuming other media
  • 48% of smartphone users use their phone at the gym
  • 39% of smartphone users say they’ve used their mobile phone in the bathroom
  • 10% of smartphone users admit to checking their phone during religious services
  • 24% check their phone while driving





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