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Rise of Android [Infographic]


You might be a follower of all things Apple, or you might love your Android phone and regularly get into battles with people about what operating system will eventually takeover the world. I myself am an Android user; my husband has an iPad. Surprisingly, we coexist quite well together despite our differences. Whatever camp you fall into, there’s no denying that Android is a leader in the smartphone and tablet market. Check out this infographic for proof:

What device do you like best and why?

Created by: MBAOnline.com


  1. Nice infographic! Any app developer today would be unwise to program for only one platform. That being said, I’m glad I have an iPhone – the apps still tend to be better in quality than their Android counterparts in my opinion.

    • Hey Chris, thanks for your comment! Yes, I agree that app developers really need to develop in iOS and Android, and probably Windows and Blackberry too, but iOS and Android are the biggies. Check out http://roar.pro – one of our sponsors who develops apps for churches. They are really impressive!


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