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Open Source Church Software Roundup


Open source software is software that is basically free to use, change and share by anyone. Made by many people, it has the potential to become more than any one person or company could plan for.

See an issue… fix it

Need something added… go for it.

When it comes to church software, a number of open source solutions exist.

The solutions fall into 3 types…

  • Church Management Systems (ChMS)
  • Media / Projection
  • Member Management

Each solution has it's benefits and we've outlined those in the following Open Source Church Software Roundup.

Church Management Systems (ChMS)


Touchpoint is closely connected with Bellevue Baptist Church in Cordova, TN. As a result they understand the challenges and needs of the local church. Tools, updates and features are design based on church feedback and local ministry needs.

Their program works around the principle of free software with paid Hosting and Support. Annual costs are based on church size and database needs, making it affordable for even the smallest church.

Web based, you can track members, register online and manage volunteers from anywhere. Financial features allow you to raise support and track contributions online. Customizable emails and text messages keep you connected with your busy church members.


ChurchInfo is a free church database program to help automate the operation of your church.

Features include tracking members, families, groups, pledges and payments.

Initial installation and upkeep may require the help of an IT user to get the software installed and running.


RockRMS is created with a balance of simplicity and power. Well documented, there are users guides available to help you run your software.

At it's core, Rock is about managing people and their relationship to each other and the church. User attributes, groups and notes are clearly visible and easily added. Check-in features allow you to track attendance via simple, themable check-in screens.

Contribution management is simple for both the attendee and the church staff. With support for on-line and off-line (cash and check) giving. Rock is looking forward with mobile giving tools already in development.

For those interested in connecting the look of your website with your membership software, a rebust Content Management System is also included.

Media Projection


OpenLP is a cross platform church presentation solution, running on Windows, Mac OX S, Linux and even Free BSD. You are free to install as many copies as you want, with a 10 minute install time.

Feature include:

  • Easy importing of songs, Bibles, and pictures.
  • PowerPoint and LibreOffice integration, making it easy to import and control existing presentations
  • VLC integrated video and audio files, giving you a wide variety of supported formats
  • Custom slide creation
  • Control via your browser or Android app
  • Stage monitor support


OpenSong is a free, open-source application created to manage lyrics, chords, lead sheets, overheads, computer projection, and more. Available for Windows, Mac OX S and Linux.

Features include:

  • Automatic transposition of chord charts
  • Printable chord sheets
  • Timed slide loops
  • Bible support
  • Image support
  • Creation of sets of songs, scriptures or loops


SoftProjector is a compact and easy to use software that allow to project Songs, Bible text, Picture slideshows, to the screen during services. Available for Windows, Mac OX S and Linux.

Features include:

  • Single database for ease of use
  • Show multiple Bible versions simultaneously (more than 270 Bibles available)
  • Quick song search and presentation
  • Play media files (codec support depends on installed plugins)
  • Slideshow support
  • Printable service schedule
  • Multi-slide announcements

Member Management


OneBody is free church directory and social networking software. Including member management tools that make your directory available online to church members.

Members can upload their own photos, testimony, contact info and more. Connect people in groups by class, study, project or trip and emil your group to stay in touch.

They promise a 10-minute Cloud based installation for New users.


With any software solution, we encourage you to do your research and test the application before jumping in with both feet. There is nothing worse than finding a solution that fails when you most need it.

Check out our previous post comparing the benefits of Open Source vs Proprietary Software to learn more.

Ryan Holck
Ryan Holck
Ryan is the founder of RAD Ideas and Graphics.Church. He works with churches and denominations to grow their ministry through graphic design and marketing strategy. Follow Ryan at


  1. Our fellowship does not use windows operating system, but Linux. I am so glad we found you online. So far we have not D/Led the SW, but plan to at our next planning meeting. Again, thanks for making the SW available to non-windows users.


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