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Megachurch, Megareach [Infographic]


A megachurch is a church that consistently draws more than 2,000 people. While not exclusive to the United States, there are about 1,600 churches nationwide that fit the profile.

While each church is diverse and different, several similarities appear between them.

The following infographic looks at some of these commonalities; attendees, campus type and leader.

As you read through the stats, consider how the trends may affect your church.

We'd love to hear your insights in the comments below.


Megachurches have Mega reach. Infographic with stats about attendees and locations
Infographic source ChurchPlaza

Ryan Holck
Ryan Holckhttps://rad-ideas.com
Ryan is the founder of RAD Ideas and Graphics.Church. He works with churches and denominations to grow their ministry through graphic design and marketing strategy. Follow Ryan at RAD-Ideas.com.



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