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How One Pastor Turned Sermon Prep Into Evangelism

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Provide opportunities for strangers to ask questions and for you to share the gospel by utilizing live video-sharing.

As a new pastor, it can be difficult to meet your congregants and form meaningful connections that foster a sense of community. Tanner found this in his new role as pastor in Colorado.  After considering how best to encourage people to meet him and open opportunities for conversation, he set up office hours, welcoming all. 

But no one showed up, ever. 


It was time for Tanner to get creative and so, he moved his office hours online. This meant that people could ‘drop in’ from the comfort of their own homes or offices and ask questions or simply say “hello”. After exploring various options, it seemed that live video-sharing platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and gamer-focus streaming services like Mixer and Twitch were the best solutions to make himself as accessible as possible. 

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Even after Tanner moved his office hours online and created an interactive space for his people to join him, nobody showed up. This was disheartening and thoughts of giving up were creeping in until something unexpected happened. 

Utilizing live video-sharing platforms provide opportunities for strangers to ask questions and for you to share the gospel.  Click To Tweet

Random people started finding Tanner’s live stream. Some of these people weren’t even Christians, but they had questions and wanted to spend some time asking Tanner about his faith. Interestingly, Tanner found that Logos and Twitch were resources that best suited how he could communicate his answers and facilitate his discussions.  And so he took the opportunity and ran with it, paying attention to the very obvious lesson that God’s plans are very different from our own.

Learn how this unexpected ministry has evolved and the impact it’s still making today when you read Logos, Twitch, and the Great Commission: How one pastor turned his Logos sermon prep time into evangelism.



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