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Lent Gives Way to Technology Fast


Last year this time, there was a huge discussion of giving up some form of technology for Lent. Since Lent kicks off this Ash Wednesday, I thought it would make sense to open up this topic for discussion.

If the point of Lent is to abstain from something in order to identify with Christs’ sacrifice on the cross, it could be any number of things. Typically, I tend to first think of things that people are addicted to – caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol, over-eating –  as good places to start. For many people, technology could absolutely fall into this category.

For others, technology remains a tool to accomplish their work, whether it be professional work, school work, or volunteer work. Most professions these days require the use of technology on many levels, and fasting from it would impede work getting done. Heck, even pastors would struggle with this one!

Several stories last year reported on people giving up texting, specifically. The Catholic church started this idea last year, and it caught on for some. Overall, I do not think it helpful for my church or any church to dictate what I should be giving up for lent, I feel that this is a very personal decision between me and my God.

I’m contemplating giving up my morning cup of coffee for lent. I’m not really addicted to anything else, but I do love my Joe. I figured giving this up would remind me first thing in the morning that I am relying on God to get through my day, to wake me up with His refreshing aroma, and warm me from the inside.

How about you? Do you feel led to give up some aspect of technology? If only we could give up vegetables, housework, or something else we don’t especially like, that would be so much easier. But that’s not the point, is it. The point is to identify in Christ’s suffering, and celebrate at Easter in His resurrection.

If giving up Facebook, Twitter, texting, or blogging helps you better connect with your Saviour, then I’m all for it. For me, technology is a must-do – can’t get around that one. My sponsors wouldn’t appreciate it if I decided not to blog for 40 days.

Love your comments!

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  1. I’m USING technology during Lent, which is also a time when you can ADD something to your life. I’ve downloaded “The Purpose Driven LIfe” to listen to on my iPhone as I get ready in the mornings and on my commute. It’s a 40 day journey, so it should be perfect timing.

    • That sounds like a really great thing to do! I hope this book truly inspires you. I’ve given up coffee for lent, but also hope to meditate more on God’s love and care for me as I stare blankly at the empty pot in the morning 🙂 Happy Ash Wednesday!


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