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7 Ways Your Church Can Use Social Media This Easter

Easter is just around the corner and if you haven’t started promoting your Easter service or pageant on social media yet, now is a great time to start. Not only is Easter one of the most attended church services of the year, but it’s also a great time to share the good news with people who may not have heard it before. When creating your Easter social media strategy, It’s important to tell your unique story of your church. Every church is different and you want to explain how you stand out. Below are seven tips you can use to promote your Easter service on social media this year and tell your story.

4 Ways Social Networks are Like Small Groups

Over the past 20 years my wife and I have been part of a number of small groups. In hindsight they were quite eclectic. Young families, youth leaders, 40 years seperating the oldest and youngest. We've done book studies, bible studies, free for all discussions and more. Despite the craziness there are several things that each group somehow embodied. These make or break items often made the difference between groups that lasted and ones we killed (sometimes long after we should have).

Florida Congregation Plants Church in the ‘Nation' of Facebook

If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world behindChina (1.33 billion) and India (1.17 billion), and followed by the U.S. (307 million). Now, a new church is being planted in the "nation" of Facebook, bringing live worship to its 400 million-plus residents.