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How One Church Tripled Its Online Community


Eliminate overwhelming church tasks by using an integrated ministry platform.

For all churches, the pursuit of efficiency is high on the list of things to achieve. When churches and Sunday services run efficiently, the experience of serving is far less stressed and everyone is released to be more Kingdom-focused than system-focused. 

Software and tech tools developed specifically for churches have been hugely successful but with the various demands of running a church, it has become almost impossible to run all of the software smoothly and efficiently. Some churches have more than eight tech tools that they need to use within a week, and that’s just to prepare for the Sunday services, never mind administrative tasks. And so, it has become crucial for churches to be able to connect all their platforms – but does this mean adding yet another tech tool? 

Pastor Chris Sansum, of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Green Valley, IL, encountered this precise situation. Even before the pandemic hit, he and his leaders knew that they needed to find a way to eliminate wasted time using multiple software systems and they found their solution by implementing an integrated ministry platform.

How One Church Tripled Its Online Community

Before finding a solution, the St. Johns’ team was using newsletter software, giving software, website software, church management software, and more. They were also ferrying two jump drives to the IT desk just to copy and paste material from multiple sources. And their emailing system involved several steps, just to make sure that each email was mobile responsive. These emails were finally sent out to the church list, which was seldom up to date. 

Integrated ministry platforms are the solution to running your church more efficiently, not adding more software. Click To Tweet

The turning point for St. Johns was when they set their sights on drawing people into their church online community; however, the thought of adding yet another tech tool to achieve this made the goal look like a mountain rather than a molehill. However, by using an integrated tech system like Equip, St Johns was able to become astoundingly efficient and managed to triple its online community.

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The Benefits of Integrated Tech Tools

By using an integrated ministry platform, churches can downsize from the overwhelming network of disconnected software to just using one platform, without losing any information or content. In the case of St. Johns, Faithlife’s Equip system provided everything they needed and more, because it includes church communication tools. 

All from one platform, integrated tools offer churches the opportunity to:

  • Create email lists
  • Send emails and texts
  • Create and send newsletters
  • Manage giving records
  • Announce events
  • Create presentations,

And a lot more.

Eliminate overwhelming church tasks and be more efficient by using an integrated ministry platform.

Tasks made easier by an integrated ministry platform

In reality, integrated tools help churches automate tasks, so they can focus on ministry and disciple their people. And most integrated platforms also offer round-the-clock support for anyone needing to learn the ropes. 

By using integrated tools, churches can downsize from the overwhelming network of disconnected software to just using one platform, without losing any information or content. Click To Tweet

Using an integrated ministry platform, like Equip, means that church teams no longer need to scramble to keep their website or church records up to date, juggle between programs, or ferry drives between computers to transfer material. In essence, it makes lives easier and expands what churches are able to do for their congregations.

Pastor Chris has seen online and in-person engagement soar since implementing an integrated system, because the information is up to date and delivered in a timely manner. When the pandemic hit, his church was able to send out daily videos and set up live streaming in no time at all.  It’s all about making systems easier for church teams, which results in more effective ministries. 

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Ministry lies at the heart of a church and when teams are empowered by efficiency and increased options, their ministries are more effective. The tech you use should make tasks easier, not more cumbersome. 

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