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Giving in a Global Pandemic [Infographic]


As businesses, schools, and churches close their doors to slow the spread of COVID-19, will charitable giving take a hit? It's possible, but churches can take steps to ensure their organizations, members, and communities will continue to be served well.

Coronavirus is reshaping how we do church.

Believers are meeting digitally:

Churchome, a Christian megachurch:

  1. Closed all Seattle locations
  2. Saw app sign-ups increase by 60% in one week
  3. Virtual Sunday service attendance increased by 23%

Lakewood Church, a megachurch in Houston, pastored by Joel Osteen:

  1. Averages 52,000 attendees per week
  2. Services will broadcast exclusively online on, including: (1) Free Streaming: Facebook Live & YoutTube, including; (2) Paid Services: Roku & AppleTVand (3) More Traditional Methods: The Osteen and Lakewood Church websites & SiriusXM channel 128.

Harvest Christian Fellowship, a church in Southern California, pastored by Greg Laurie:

  1. Saw 4X increase in online attendees reaching over 230,000 people
  2. Had 1,400 people commit online to follow Jesus

Continue Giving Through Digital

  • Most Americans believe charitable giving has a positive impact.
  • In 2018, more than 3 in 5 Americans gave to charity—38% of funds went to religious organizations. More than 1 in 3 Americans volunteered—36% of those worked with churches or religious groups.
  • Typically, bad news inspires more giving—41% of donors give in response to natural disasters. Religious groups have historically received the largest share of donations—many rely on in-person, cash donations. During the Great Depression, Christians donated an average of 3.3% of their income.

Before COVID-19,

  • 79% of churches offered online giving.
  • 46% offered a mobile app or text-to-give.
  • 60% of people are willing to give to their church digitally
  • Through digital options, churches can:
    1. Banish giving slumps—providing a way to give without being physically present in church
    2. Make giving more convenient—people can give at any time, using bank transfer or cards
    3. Stay connected—and keep growing—while people stay home


The global leader in digital giving, church engagement, and church management software for churches of every size – Tithe.ly helps churches to …

  • … increase their giving by 167%
  • … set up digital giving for your church in just 5 minutes
  • … and with no setup fees and no contract

How will your congregation continue giving in a global crisis?

giving in pandemic

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