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7 Excellent Church Websites Built on Faithlife Sites


Faithlife Sites is a no-hassle church website builder. Find great website examples below.

Your church’s website serves multiple purposes: it welcomes would-be visitors, provides timely information, and has the potential to create a trust factor between you and the people you serve. And let’s not forget the chance to represent your church with beautiful imagery.

Check out these church sites that complete those jobs and more, all built on Faithlife Sites.

7 Excellent Church Websites Built on Faithlife Sites

1. Gospel Central—Lusaka, Zambia

Gospel Central Church’s website makes an optimistic first impression. With clear images and bold text on the homepage, there’s no doubt you’ve landed at the right spot.

In addition, the family message is clear in the hero button as well as the background image.

We also like how to site provides quick access to online services, makes it easy to find audio files of recent messages and offers a chat option.

2. First Baptist Church—Cambridge Springs, PA

With stunning, original design, the First Baptist Church website design makes you want to keep refreshing your page. The use of a looping gif on the homepage hero is very engaging and beautiful.

In addition, the layout has the guest in mind but also encourages participation in the church community with quick access to discipleship opportunities and small group ministries. They use a four-card layout with simple next steps, making the site guest-friendly.

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3. Hilltop United Methodist—Sandy, UT

On the Hilltop United Methodist Church website, you need to look no further than the top of the homepage to know what’s going on this week at HUMC. Before you scroll, you can see options like join the service, get connected, give, or find an event you may be interested in.

In addition, the contact info and address are nicely located in a prominent position on the site.

4. Brookstone Church—Gainesville, GA

Brookstone Church’s website engages site visitors by using built-in Bible trivia and verses of the day.

We especially like the option to enter your smart phone number to receive directions to the church via text. Also, they’ve given a shoutout to the church’s YouTube page by giving us real estate at the bottom of the home page.

Also, the plan a visit page is inviting and has helpful details.

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5. North Canton Church of Christ—North Canton, OH

The website of North Canton Church of Christ includes a nice touch right away with a personal welcome. Using clear photography and succinct copy, you can get a sense of the fun, active climate of the church.

For those members who are ready and willing to serve the body, it’s easy to find relevant volunteer opportunities. And conveniently located on the home page is the past week’s sermon, links to the livestream, and ways to give, serve, and get involved.

NCCC also has an active blog that’s reflective of their congregation and feeds into the homepage, has pics of people and events in their church.

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6. Campbelltown Presbyterian Church—Australia

Campbelltown Presbyterian Church is located in Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia. 

I dare you to check out the blue-sky image on the homepage and not feel that you’ve been transported to another land.

On the homepage, the hero is really inviting and has a clear first step for visitors.

The navigation is excellent—you know exactly where to go for information about Sundays, midweek opportunities, contact info, and general info.

The church sends the live stream link to anyone who wants it, but you have to ask for it. This helps for security and also gives them a way to follow up with new people. This is really smart!

7. Runnymede Christian Fellowship—Egham, UK

Runnymede Christian Fellowship’s website uses custom colors that nicely complement the imagery used.

They create an excellent connection point by linking to events and live streams in close proximity on the page.

Also, there’s a clear way to engage with the service live, which they call the “full experience” and it’s all in their Faithlife group, found at the top. 

In addition, they host a page for their church’s Faithlife TV channel and content, and also offer a way to schedule a meeting with the pastor. 

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What’s your favorite unique element on your church’s website? Drop and comment below.




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