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Faithlife Launches Integrated Ministry Platform


Faithlife, makers of Logos Bible software, launched Faithlife Equip, an integrated ministry platform this week.

The release of Faithlife Equip will provide churches with a Bible-based tool for streamlining church outreach, discipleship and management. Faithlife Equip aims to support every leader in the church — from the senior pastor and worship leader to the children’s director and administrator. In addition, the platform provides congregant resources for spiritual growth, church involvement and community connectivity. 

Faithlife co-founder and CEO Bob Pritchett shared, “We have a heart for the mission of the church and have spent 30 years equipping the Church to grow in light of the Bible. The launch of Faithlife Equip is a continuation of that mission.” 

According to Pritchett, the ultimate purpose behind the launch of Faithlife Equip is growth for the church. The platform will help leaders create community for their church as they grow together in their spiritual journey.


Faithlife Equip is offering functionality to support the entire ministry team. For instance, it includes administration and discipleship resources for churches in one integrated platform, including areas like: 

  • Church website
  • Presentation software
  • Church management
  • Online giving
  • Online community
  • Movies & TV streaming
  • Bible software
  • Discipleship resources

Using the Faithlife Equip church management system can save multiple-person teams the hassle of password management because there is one login for all tech tools. One large benefit is that a church is consolidating databases so that multiple data silos aren’t in constant need of synchronization. 

Faithlife Equip’s approach is to integrate many functions which traditional have been accomplished through separate applications.

Pritchett explains, “Faithlife Equip offers deep, specific support for actual tasks church leaders need to do, but the secret sauce of the platform is the content it offers, which is all centered on the Bible.” 

The platform has Logos Bible Software built-in and provides a digital text and video library for congregants.


The platform integrates with existing products in the marketplace, making it simple for church leaders to add it to their current suite of tools.

“Too many church tech tools focus on the task, not the process,” Pritchett explained. “We created Faithlife Equip to think like a church. With Faithlife Equip, leaders can run the mission of their church by providing the tools to take their congregants on a personal path of growth.”

“If you know how to use other social platforms and technologies, you know how to use Faithlife Equip. Our platform is a safe environment specifically designed for churches,” Pritchett added. “The ease of having everything in one place under one account is invaluable for churches.”

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