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Evolution of a Modern Screen [Infographic]


Where once screens were only in a few select locations – perhaps the living room – now screens ride along with us in our pockets, our purses, and our backpacks. Children have access to screens throughout the day at school and each of us, regardless of our field, use screens in some way whether we’re a server at Chili’s, a teacher, or business professional.

There is no doubt that technology has changed in a big way over the last 50 years. Computing power that once took over large rooms can now fit on the head of a pin. These original computers were certainly not laptops, weighing in at over a ton. At that time, the idea of a personal computer seemed an impossibility.

Take a trip through time and experience the most noteworthy achievements in computer screens, from little-known discoveries way back in 1968, to the heated battles between Apple and PC and beyond.

[This infographic is from The Internet Experts, an AT&T authorized retailer]



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