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Digital ‘Natives’ Dig Deeper


The Millennial generation is connecting with the  Bible more through digital means than print, which means if a bible publisher is going to make it, offering digital options is extremely important.

With foresight into the Bible market, Broadman & Holman Publishing released MyStudyBible.com last year aimed at pastors, lay leaders and especially at digital natives.

“We wanted to provide a way for digital natives who have grown up on the Web to actively engage in biblical study, beyond just reading the printed Bible,” explains Aaron Linne, executive producer and digital marketing manager for B&H Publishing.

“We came up with the idea to create a digital Bible portal with every resource needed to study God’s Word in-depth right at your fingertips in one spot.”

Filling the need is MyStudyBible. com, created for people who rely on technology to do everything; as people are reading the biblical text, additional tools dynamically populate with rich content to provide the reader with opportunities for deeper learning and understanding.

The publisher decided to make the HCSB Study Bible notes completely free online through this service, so that people engaging in biblical study would have a great tool right there for them, at no cost.

“The key for digital biblical study is deep integration,” Linne says. “With this digital study tool, the platform actively brings relevant content to you based on the text you’re reading. For instance, if you are reading a commentary on John 3:16, the platform knows you’re at John 3:16 and can present to you appropriate content to your topic—both content you own and other content in the system that you should be made aware of.”

That’s the benefit that digital resources bring to the world of biblical study: the ability to offer multiple resources, all in one place online, with the ability to add commentaries, dictionaries such as Strong’s Greek and Hebrew Dictionary, devotionals, and other books into a reader’s online profile.

While some content is paid, MyStudyBible.com offers a plethora of content at no cost so that many people can benefit from using MyStudyBible.com even if they never login. Bottom line: digital natives will feel at home using this site to strengthen their faith and walk closer with God.

“This integrated study can even take place beyond the screen and back into the text, like we have done with integrating 1,500 videos into the print edition of the Life Essentials Study Bible,” notes Linne. “We are moving towards a place will all kinds of Biblical content will be fully integrated with one another.”

MyStudyBible.com features the Holman Christian Standard Bible that was written by 100 scholars and English stylists from 17 denominations, and is considered one of the most significant Bible translations available.

[Originally written for Church Executive’s January issue.]

Lauren Hunter is a freelance writer, church technology PR consultant (http://lhpr.net) and founder of the blog ChurchTechToday (https://churchtechtoday.com), Technology for Today’s Church.


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