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8 Digital Giving Stats You Need to Know


A good grasp of digital giving stats will boost your understanding of how best to utilize the various options available to your church.

Consulting with people who have traveled similar journeys to you is valuable and so is reading the handbooks, ebooks and articles experts have written. 

But then there is the truth; the hard facts that have been researched, studied, and tested.

It’s wise to balance your personal research and consult both kinds of information. If you do this, your understanding of subjects will have more depth and credibility. On the topic of giving, specifically digital giving, there are several facts that are worth taking note of if your team wants a good understanding on this newer way of donating money. 


In this article, we use the phrase “digital giving” to refer to any online donation made via a credit card, bank transfer, smartphone app, Venmo, Paypal, or recurring payments handled electronically.

With the help of these creative donation methods, congregations can more easily receive assistance from a wide range of potential donors.

We have put a list together of digital giving stats that you don’t want to ignore if your church is serious about understanding and utilizing the various methods of digital giving available. 

Boost your understanding of church digital giving stats and utilize the options available to you more effectively.

8 Digital Giving Stats You Need to Know

1. A large portion of congregants use digital giving methods

In congregations that offer digital giving options, 22% of all donations are made digitally on average, and 24% of regularly attending individuals made at least one digital donation to their congregation in the previous year. (NSCEP

2. Digital giving options are more prevalent in large churches

From research reported in the National Study of Congregations’ Economic Practices (NSCEP), In congregations with more than 1,000 participating adults, 95% have the option to contribute online. Additionally, 28% may give by text message, and 48% use smartphone giving apps. 

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3. Megachurches are ahead when it comes to digital giving

According to Hartford Institute for Religion Research, 90% of megachurches used online giving before the pandemic began and about half of the contributions made to megachurches in America currently come from online giving. In other words, online giving is only growing in popularity, availability, and usage. 

Boost your understanding of church digital giving stats and utilize the options available to you more effectively.

4. Digital giving stats show online giving options boosts a member’s annual donation amount

Providing online giving options increases per capita giving of regular members by $300, annually. (Lifeway)

There can be many contributing variables, but a strong one is certainly the option of automatic withdrawal. This feature takes forgetfulness out of the equation and turns month giving into a routine behavior.  

5. A greater chance of receiving donations during worship services

50% of congregations receive monetary gifts during their worship services via digital methods. 21% of churches give their members the option to give during their services via mobile apps and 14% of churches have a text-to-give option. (NSCEP)

These days, few people carry a checkbook with them, and even fewer carry cash. Digital giving, for some, is literally the only way they will tithe regularly. 

Digital giving stats show that by providing online giving options, a regular member’s annual donation increases by approximately $300. Does your church offer digital giving methods? Click To Tweet

6. Low availability of giving kiosks

Only 5% percent of churches have a giving kiosk where attendees can make an electronic gift. (NSCEP) Perhaps they don’t want to look too forward? On the contrary, these kiosks serve as a visual reminder to give and make it simple to follow through with the intention. 

7. Apps boost digital giving

The percentage of congregations that saw an increase in revenue was 60% in those who had an app, compared to only 45% in those that did not. (NSCEP)

Make it easy for your attendees to give digitally by including links to the app in your online communication. 

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8. Keep the offering plate

From more research reported in the NSCEP, we learn that even with all the benefits of digital giving alternatives, the ritual of giving via an actual plate/basket passed around during the service continues to be the main way that churches receive donations. So, why not have both physical and digital options?


Without a good grasp on how our people use digital giving options, churches can very easily misplace their time and resources on methods that aren’t as effective as others. 

Taking a close look at the information studies have shown will result in your church using the numerous digital options available to you more effectively. 

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